Workshops for Everyday Wellness

Re-connect, Re-energise, Re-fresh Your Team
with the GreenX7 Everyday Wellness Workshop

Based on rigorous scientific research and practical implementation, GreenX7 shares how we can reconnect to self, others and the natural environment to improve productivity, connectivity and creativity in the workplace.

33% of people experiencing mental health conditions in the workplace

Source: Beyond Blue 2014 – Creating a Mentally Health Workplace – Return on
investment analysis  (View)

1 in 5 (21%) have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.

Source: TNS 2014, State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia. Beyond Blue


Source: TNS 2014, State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia. Beyond Blue.

About GreenX7 Workshops

GreenX7 offers a range of workshops suitable for all ages, individuals, companies and events. Send us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the right kind of workshop for you.

The single most important element that is diminishing from society today is ‘connection’, connection with self, others and the natural environment.

We are more connected than ever before due to the advances of technology, though as humans we have never been so disconnected. Disconnected from ourselves, each other and our natural environment. This disconnections leads to dis-ease and creates underlying problems resulting in our decline of mental, emotional and physical health.

The wellness industry has been focusing on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness for decades yet we continue to have an increase in obesity, depression, suicide and loneliness.


Example of our Everyday Wellness Workshop

Location: Salt Boat House, Northern NSW
Accommodation: Halcyon House

We’ve Worked With:


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Today you changed my life. Thank you! That's from the heart. I booked our family holiday, told my wife I value her, text a mate and organised a catchup and took 5 minutes to chat to a stranger and have a laugh. I can't thank you enough.
Mark. O
My sister Bronwyn and I really enjoyed your philosophy and passion for what you do. Everything you said is something that I knew in principle (although the stats you shared did surprise me!), but you put it together in such a simple and engaging way that it becomes much easier to keep in mind.
Meagan. B
GreenX7 took us through a range of techniques to apply to our work environment and everyday life – how to handle stress, re-focus and just how to simply breathe and re-connect with ourselves and the people around us. GreenX7 reminds you of the beautiful environment we have at our fingertips and how to use this to improve our overall well-being, especially when dealing with difficult and stressful times. These techniques are now used every day by our team, providing a happy and more productive office!
Melissa. B
I just wanted to say thank you for a special and inspiring week at Salt Beach. I enjoyed hearing from you how beneficial my beach training is for my wellbeing. I really connected with your passion for the beach and water. I’ve sent you a small gift of appreciation.
Rhys. A
A huge thank you to the GreenX7 team for our experience last week. Taking just a few hours out of our working day to refocus and reconnect with ourselves has had such a positive impact on my own personal wellbeing as well as our whole team’s working environment. Besides the fact that we got to bond as a team outside of work, we also were reminded of the beautiful environment that we work in and were shown the tools to use in this space to improve our minds and overall improve our productivity.
Rachel. O
I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is to witness your love, passion and joy in delivering “GreenX7”!You are both very good and dear humans with such a beautiful message to share!
Teresa. L
From committing to what was presented from GreenX7 my life has improved immensely. I have opened myself up to the possibility of a relationship and am enjoying living my life more.
Susan. C

Why is GreenX7 Needed?

There is an astounding amount of research and statistics which show us how important GreenX7 is for individuals, and workplace success. Here are a range of statistics, links and downloadable resources showing the importance of GreenX7 in the modern age.