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A great deal of thought has been given for the best way to integrate your agenda with a memorable wire frame to deliver it in. We have worked with many sectors at all levels, from leadership teams to client facing staff members to create the smartest way to engage your participants.

Our objective is to create meaningful connections, increase productivity and  to ensure the information delivered is transferable and sustainable. In summary we help individuals and teams reconnect to recharge.

Why partner with GreenX7?

Research and development have been a priority for GreenX7, after reviewing the evidence base and working to best practice frameworks we were able to see what creates healthy, happy, sustainable individuals and teams. The next step was to get creative as to how we can best deliver this to your team. GreenX7 aims to improve the health and wellness of your team through an inspiring and impactful framework all wrapped up in a bundle of fun!

Benefits For You

Increase staff retention

Boost productivity

Improve bottom line

Our expert team will organise a memorable experience

A wellness framework for you to plug in your content

Benefits For Your Participants

Eliminate mental fatigue

Reduce stress & anxiety

Increase concentration & memory

Improve self-esteem & mood

Boost brain power & sharpen mind

Speed recovery time after illness

Enhance overall wellbeing

Positive connections – have fun!

  • Meetings


    Many meetings feel formal, rigid and too structured or waste time being unstructured. Warmth of relationships are extremely important  so why do we leave the connecting until the end… What we create is an environment that’s connected from start to finish. By creating a meeting environment where every individual feels valued and comfortable sharing their ideas freely without being judged.

  • Incentives


    “You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a year of Conversation” – Plato. Incentives are about congratulating your team for an amazing job or trying to motivate them to do an amazing job! The most important part here other then having fun is to created positive connections with one clear focus.

  • Conferences


    At GreenX7 we are revolutionising conferences by designing a wireframe around your agenda that creates connections from start to finish. We’ve put a lot of R&D into understanding how the mind and body works to understand how much content can be absorb before our brain disengages between speakers. Our Immersion framework strikes the right balance for delegates to create connections, absorb information and leave not only with a memorable experience but the tools and knowledge to thrive sustainably.  

  • Events


    Our X7 tools can be intertwined throughout any event whether it’s a stand alone workshop or activity or weaved in and out like a magic carpet ride. It’s all about creating moments and memories of connections.

  • Retreats


    Our retreats program encompasses everything from the moment you wake up to the time you hit the pillow with all the good stuff in-between. The best opportunity we have to connect your team and have them firing on all cylinders is to disconnect them from their day to day challenges and immerse them in an environment where productivity, creativity and connection are leading the day’s agenda. Our whole systems approach will provide the perfect environment for workshops and brainstorming sessions and also provide the tools to continue back at the workplace. If you want your team to have an experience like never before and still be able to tick off the agenda items at the same time then let us help you create it.

Our Packages

Our packages are shown below to help decide which topics would be best suited to focus on for your team. We can also create personalised packages tailored specifically to your needs.

Recharge & Reflection

This package focuses on:

7 tools for everyday wellness

Mindfulness sessions



This package focuses on:

Value / meaning / belonging



Emotional wellbeing

Cultural Change – values, resilience, reframing, setting goals

Sustainable Wellness Framework For Your Business

This package focuses on:

GreenX7 Tools

Reflection cards & time

Sustainability of Wellness (SOW)


Purpose & value

Delivery of Sessions

Here are some of the proven ways in which GreenX7 delivers their information to your team for best engagement and results. A variety of these methods may be best suited to your team depending on your package selection.

Wake Up

Exercise boosts energy levels, leaving delegates feeling refreshed and mentally clear. It also fires up the brain’s neurons for optimum intake of new information.


A 15 minute pick me up that will revitalise and re-focus your team in preparation for the next presentation.


25 minute outdoor modules designed to boost energy levels, concentration, creativity, productivity, motivation and general well-being.


Based on rigorous scientific research and practical implementation, GreenX7 shares how we can reconnect to self, others and the natural environment to improve productivity, connectivity and creativity in the workplace.

Team Activity Cohesion

GreenX7 endorsed activities are developed to enhance team connection and cooperation through nature based experiences, activities and challenges.


GreenX7 Tailored Event To Your Needs

From the package you’ve chosen we will be able to tailor a framework to fit your outcomes. You can choose from our team and ambassadors selecting the best keynote speaker, workshops and activities to make sure we support your outcomes. Use our planner form to get your event started.

  • Locations


    Yours or Ours?

    GreenX7 has created connections all over the world, in all different locations from towers to rainforests, private islands to AirBnB accommodation. All locations are chosen for their conducive (GreenX7 endorsed) environments to help teams reconnect to self, others and nature. If you have a location in mind please mention it in the below planning form. If you are undecided, maybe you would like to stay with one of our friends:

    Australia’s Green Cauldron (Home of GreenX7) Byron Bay / Tweed / Gold Coast

    Mantra on Salt Beach

    Peppers at Salt Beach


    O’Reillys – Gold Coast Rainforest Retreat

    Halcyon House

    Elements of Byron

    Flash Camp – Australia’s premier pop-up hotel

    Global Partner – our partner Alila Hotels offers beautiful locations around the globe to hold your GreenX7 event.

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